Larry Don Dunn, or L.D. as his friends and family call Him, was raised in a working class family.  As a child his father worked in the oilfield and dirt construction industry. Moving from town to town. It was hard to make friends and be involved in school activities.. So, L.D. began writing songs, playing in front of anyone who would listen, and leaned on his family for a strong support system.

When L.D. began high school his father received a job in the small town of, Spearman Texas where L.D. was able to settle in and graduate. Shortly after high school L.D. began working in construction with his father. One day on the job, his dad took him aside and said, "Son don't live the hard life, I have lived!  Pursue your music,” and so began the journey of full time playing, writing, and touring.

His style is a blend of Journey meets Cold Play. L.D.’s unique writing style lends itself to his powerful voice and sweet guitar riffs.

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